There’s No Time Like the Present

I spoiled myself yesterday with this most beautiful bouquet of flowers!


It wasn’t because I was feeling down and needed a pick-me-up.  It wasn’t a reward for some job well done or a special occasion.  It wasn’t because I’m pregnant and hormonal, or because I needed to stop at the flower store anyways.  It was just because.

I went to two different flower shops before I found this beauty.  And then I bought it, without any thoughts of price or practicality because, frankly, sometimes those things just don’t matter.


I made a goal for myself this past year that I would splurge on flowers for myself for two reasons: 1 – I love flowers! and 2 – because I wanted to appreciate the small things.

There’s no time like the present to appreciate a sunny day or a getting to hang out with a friend or just feeling good.  All of those things happened yesterday, plus I had a vehicle for a change, so I decided the time was nigh to pick out some lovely blooms for myself, take them home, and relish in their beautiful fragrance.  So I did!


Easiest goal ever.


2 comments on “There’s No Time Like the Present

  1. Beautiful! I love the blue flowers.

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