Life Loofah’s Lost Months (aka That Time I Had a Baby)


I birthed a baby y’all!  Wahoo!

These past few weeks with our brand new baby boy have been amazing and frustrating and tiring and exhilarating all at once.  And when he’s cooing and smiling and wiggling, time seems to fly by.  But when he’s uncontrollably crying and I’m in pain from breast feeding and I’m exhausted from a sleepless night, time seems to crawl.  And suddenly he’s already 7 weeks old!

We had a baby and he’s nearing the 2 month mark already!  I can hardly believe it.  It was almost 2 months ago that I went through the most pain I have ever felt in my life, and I squeezed that little sucker into this world, and I cried my eyes out and fell asleep with him on my chest.  It was almost 2 months ago that my life became damn near perfect.

Of course I have lots to do here on this blog… there are goals from last year to wrap up and I’ve got a whole new list of goals to go through and document for this year.  But for right now, I think I’ll savour this moment where he’s being completely adorable (and sound asleep) because I need to pee and eat and let the dog out and change the laundry and empty the dishwasher, and, and, and…


2 comments on “Life Loofah’s Lost Months (aka That Time I Had a Baby)

  1. Love my sweet little pork chop!

  2. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! So thrilled for you guys! God bless!

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