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Unexpected Luxuries (or why I didn’t get all my goals completed last year)

goal digger

A year ago things like diamonds, private jets and fancy cars would have topped the list when I thought of luxury.  Taking incredible vacations and having endless funds and not ever having to work anymore would have also been considered.  Certainly, the act of setting and completing goals wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.  It’s funny how having a baby changes everything… absolutely everything.

As I look over the past year and my list of 32 goals, I realize I fell behind with my goals.  Some I completed but didn’t get around to posting about on here (ie. reading a book by a favourite author and conducting purges).  But some I didn’t complete and I’m a little disappointed.  I didn’t get around to simple things like making homemade cleaning products or learning some basic bike maintenance, and by all accounts, there’s no reason why.  Except, baby.

baby trap

If there was a theme to my pregnancy, it was exhaustion.  I had very little energy to do the things I needed to do, let alone anything else, so whenever I thought of completing my goals I chose the fun ones first.  Naturally, I finished some cross stitches and bought myself flowers and read a bunch of books.  Having fun when I was so achy and tired and full of heartburn was just what the doctor ordered.

This whole having-a-baby thing has really opened my eyes to what a luxury having time and energy really is.  I knew that I’d be missing sleep – every single mother I know warned me of this – and yet the depth of that sleeplessness is something I think only another mother can truly understand.  Staying awake nearly the entire night for a newborn who is cluster feeding is an experience I was completely unprepared for, no matter how many times I was told to expect it.  And having to do it again the very next night?  Fun!

sleep ecard

I also knew my priorities would shift from entirely selfish endeavours towards feedings and diapers and lullabies.  But I don’t think I really understood how little time I’d have for anything else.  Forget sitting down to read a book… getting longer than a couple minutes to do a proper #2 in the bathroom is now a luxury!  Oh how things can change.

I didn’t get all my goals completed last year, but it’s hard to care about that when I’m covered in baby puke and the dog needs a walk and I haven’t eaten anything all day.  Who would have thought that completing goals would become a luxury!

So while diamonds are always appreciated (hint hint hubster), today I’ll settle for a shower.


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