A Lengthy Architectural Read

A Lengthy Architectural Read

Part of my reading challenge this year required that I read a book my mom loves.  I liked this category, as it took the book selection completely out of my hands.  I waited a long time for my mom to make her choice, and when she finally did, she handed me a 1,000 page tome. […]

A Simplistic Dystopian Read

As part of my reading challenge, I had to read a book I should have read in high school.  Initially I had no idea what I’d read to fulfill this requirement, and then a friend of mine asked if I’d read The Giver. Apparently, she read it in high school and was surprised that many […]

A Legendary Read

A Legendary Read

I sure do love me a good Arthurian tale! As part of majoring in English, I took a class all about the Arthurian legend and books written on the subject.  It was one of my favourite classes.  Something about those times full of chivalry and adventure just sucked me in.  From The Once and Future […]

Reading My Childhood

Some books just take you back.  Growing up in Alberta, there were a few made-in-Canada features that I treasured.  One was the TV show Road to Avonlea which revolved around a small turn-of-the-century farming town and featured a main character also named Sara, though I forgave her lack of an “h” and watched anyways.  I […]

A Not-So-Sexy Read

Some books seem to capture the attention of millions of readers, and I hear about them constantly.  A few years ago one such book seemed to be everywhere at work, and now that I’ve read said book I cannot believe all of those women were reading that at work!  I was blushing reading it at […]

Books Reflecting Life

Whoa, it was trippy reading a book about a Canadian federal election at the same time as one was  actually happening!  What a crazily accurate reflection on all-too-current events. A member of one of my book clubs selected the book The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis, and I’ll admit I wasn’t too keen on the idea […]

Judge It By Its Cover

When it comes to books, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m entirely prematurely judgmental.  If the cover of the book looks ugly or uninteresting I’ll pass it by no problem.  It could be the greatest literary work of all time, but if it’s one of those old fashioned boring hard covers with just the […]