An Unexpectedly Good Read

I like reading because it transports me away from reality into a fantasy world.  That doesn’t mean I only read books in the fantasy genre, but it does mean that I like stories that are distinctly fictitious.  I prefer to read a yarn that could be real, but isn’t.  Stories that are rooted in reality, […]

A Boring Read

I really love to read.  I go through spurts, but give me an awesome book and a comfy chair and I could stay at it for days.  It’s why I joined two book clubs, why I have a huge wishlist on, and why getting to read a chapter book to my niece is one […]

A Nerdy Goal

  You know that scene where Beast presents Belle with his library and she’s overcome with wondrous amazement?  Ever since I saw that moment as a little girl I felt a kinship with Belle – a mutual understanding of just how wonderful it is to get lost in a good book. Since I don’t have […]