Goals: Playing Catch Up

I’ve completed a few more goals (or partial goals), but each on their own didn’t seem worthy of separate attention to the tune of individual postings so I decided to combine them and do a little goal catch up! #30 I walked on the beach!  With my husband!  Barefoot!  I wish I had taken a […]

The Chess Adventures Continue…

I sure am a glutton for punishment sometimes.  If last year’s goals taught me anything, it’s that sometimes forcing the issue really doesn’t help.  Take chess for example.  Sure, I learned to play chess, and it got me spending more time with my hubby doing something he likes to do, but did I ever come […]

Adventures in Chess – Argh!

I’m really not good at chess.  Try as I might, even with my hubby 3 pieces down, he’s still able to corner me and take me down.  And I really, really suck at losing.  Honestly I’m astonished that he’ll even play chess with me anymore. We played twice again recently and, surprise, surprise, it didn’t go well.  I […]

Adventures in Chess – Speed and the Stalemate

Tavis and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary on July 1st, Canada Day, by camping just outside of Canmore for the long weekend.  It was a beautiful location and we were joined by some great friends who celebrated with us.  And on our first sunny afternoon there before anyone else had arrived was when I […]

Adventures in Chess – Queen Down

Learning to play chess is mind-numbingly hard.  And I don’t mean that in a facetious way – it literally is incredibly exhausting mentally.  I have a hard time keeping track of where all my pieces are and where they have the potential of moving to, let alone anticipating my husband Tavis’ every move and how […]

Adventures in Chess – The Beginning

I played my first game of chess last Saturday morning.  There was beautiful sunshine streaming through our kitchen window as we made breakfast and had a lazy chat about what we might do that day when my husband suggested it.  I was feeling optimistic and in an overall good mood, so I agreed. Allow me […]