An Empty Garden

It’s a terribly dreary day here as we get our biggest snowfall of the season so far, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to bring a littler greenery back… Gardening season is long over, although for a while there our parsley seemed to be trying its darndest to prove its resiliency through the increasingly cold weather.  We […]

Garden Love

Today is a crazy gloomy day guys!  Me and my coworkers compared it to winter because it was so dark out, still, at 10am.  Then the thunderstorms started.  This is such a departure from the beautiful and sunny +30 days we’ve been having, so I thought it was the perfect day to bring some beauty […]

Prepping the Garden

  We have a little garden plot, well actually it’s not very little considering we’re in the middle of the city and it takes up about a 3rd of the backyard!  We’ve rented our house for just over 3 years, so this will be our 4th summer there, and my 4th attempt at gardening!  It’s […]