A Poetic Pregnancy

Because I’m feeling all sorts of feels lately, I find my emotions best summed up in verse!  Enjoy!

Some Leggy Thanksgiving Poetry

In honour of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank my legs.  And since I can’t just say “thanks legs” like a normal person, here’s some poetry on this fine holiday Monday.   In recent days I’ve noticed there’s a need, Due to accumulating evidence, To recognize the limbs I use to lead And show greater appreciation […]

Cycling Motivations, in Haiku

Herein I proffer, for your poetic pleasure, 13 haikus presenting my preference for pedaling.   Morning sunshine is peacefully peeking through trees, gently welcoming   Cycling means freedom; I go where I want and when like a bike ninja   Appreciating my legs for what they can do every single day   Transportation ease; gas, […]