Life Loofah’s Lost Months (aka That Time I Had a Baby)

I birthed a baby y’all!  Wahoo! These past few weeks with our brand new baby boy have been amazing and frustrating and tiring and exhilarating all at once.  And when he’s cooing and smiling and wiggling, time seems to fly by.  But when he’s uncontrollably crying and I’m in pain from breast feeding and I’m exhausted […]

Feb/Mar Fitness Challenge: The Home Stretch

Feb/Mar Fitness Challenge: The Home Stretch

According to my midwife, I’ve had a “boring” pregnancy.  She meant it as a compliment… I’ve been pretty low maintenance for her over the last 8 months or so.  Even given that midwives as providers tend to take on the low risk and easier pregnancies, I’ve been a breeze for her.  I told her “you’re […]

A Poetic Pregnancy

Because I’m feeling all sorts of feels lately, I find my emotions best summed up in verse!  Enjoy!

Top 6 Ways I was Unprepared for Pregnancy

I know a lot of women who have been pregnant before me, and many of those women have shared anecdotes and experiences that have taught me many things.  And so I presumed, like the total noob that I am, that I had a pretty good idea of what I could expect when I interpreted my […]

November Fitness Challenge: A Pregnant Fish Out of Water

I was duped.  As far as this pregnancy thing goes, I was told that the first trimester is the worst in terms of symptoms, particularly feeling tired all the time.  And for a few weeks there I totally believed it.  Then I hit a wall of exhaustion that has caused me to question my ability […]

All The Things I Can’t Do Now That I’m Pregnant

A lot of resources out there sure seem to thrive on saying no to the pregnant woman.  Here are just a few examples of all the things I can no longer enjoy or take part in while I’m busy baking my little homemade croissant: You can’t eat soft cheeses or honey or sushi You can’t […]