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32 Goals

32 goals for my 32nd year:

  1. A secret goal – we got pregnant!
  2. Allocate a per person monthly spending allowance
  3. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween and roast the seeds
  4. Complete my dresser painting project
  5. Complete two 5km runs#1, #2
  6. Complete two cross stitch gifts#1, #2
  7. Complete two cross stitch projects for myself#1, #2
  8. Conduct two purges of unused/unnecessary items
  9. Create a weekly gratitude feature
  10. Create a work-from-home office space
  11. Create some garden spaces at our new place
  12. Do 12 random acts of kindness#1, #2
  13. Donate blood four times#1, #2
  14. Go on a trip with my Mom
  15. Join a choir
  16. Learn basic bike maintenance
  17. Make our own cleaning products
  18. Mend all my frayed clothing
  19. Paint a picture
  20. Pay off my student loans #1, #2
  21. Play chess once a month #1/2, #3/4/5, #6 and on
  22. Complete a reading challenge
    1. a book you’ve been meaning to read
    2. a book published this year
    3. a book in a genre you don’t typically read
    4. a book from your childhood
    5. a book your mom loves
    6. a book that was originally written in a different language
    7. a book “everyone” has read but you
    8. a book you chose because of the cover
    9. a book by a favourite author
    10. a book recommended by someone with great taste
    11. a book you should have read in high school
    12. a book that’s currently on the bestseller list
  23. Splurge on flowers for myself
  24. Successfully move into our new rental
  25. Take more swimming lessons#1, #2
  26. Take on 12 monthly fitness challenges#1, #2, #3, #4&5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11/12
  27. Update my underwear situation
  28. Update the photos on our walls
  29. Volunteer for two causes/events#1, #2
  30. Walk barefoot on the beach with my husband
  31. Wear all the dresses I currently own at least once
  32. Welcome a pound puppy into our lives


Another year over and I didn’t get it all done, but I came darn close!  It’s baby’s fault of course, but I won’t hold it against him until he’s older.

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