33 Goals

33 Goals for my 33rd Year!

Overall Goal #1: Enjoy the first year with our new baby!

1. document at least 5 firsts

2. attend a new moms’ group

3. read two books that contain two different perspectives on parenting

4. take a monthly baby photo for the first 12 months

5. take a mom & baby class

6. breastfeed in public without fear

7. start completing a baby book keepsake

8. go on our first camping trip with baby

9. take baby to the park for a picnic

10. get professional family photos taken

11. make something for baby

12. organize two play dates with friends who also have a baby

13. read at least 12 different books to baby

14. learn some basic sign language with baby

15. go to a movie matinee with baby

16. take baby to the community pool

17. go away for a weekend with baby

Overall Goal #2: Make time for myself while being a new Mom!

18. complete a reading challenge

19. take a photo a day for one month (baby doesn’t count!)

20. complete 5 cross stitch projects

21. go for a spa day

22. attend another Paint Nite event

23. take a fitness or dance class

24. maintain my blog by posting at least 52 times

Overall Goal #3: Ensure my marriage and other relationships still thrive post-baby!

25. surprise my husband with a thoughtful gift or gesture

26. get together with friends and talk about anything other than baby

27. organize a ladies night

28. pay off my line of credit

29. take Harlowe to an agility course

30. go away for a weekend without baby

31. create a photo book of our wedding pictures

32. pay off one of our credit cards

33. go on 6 dates with or without baby

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