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The Cutest Dragon

My cross stitching focus over the last couple years has been on making things for others… there’s a special feeling associated with giving something handmade.  Since most projects I start end up taking a bit of time, there’s usually very little time left for completing cross stitches for myself so I wanted to make sure […]

Cross Stitching for Love

One of my very best friends in the whole wide world got married this summer.  We’ve been friends since we met in grade 3, and though we haven’t always been super duper close over the last 23 years, we’ve always kept in touch and we’ve been there for each other when it counted. She and […]

Accident-al Reflections

Life can change instantaneously, and the ripples created can spread as far as the eye can see. One second I have a car and a dog, and the next I have neither.  That day was terrifying, excruciating, and life-changing, and recovery over the last 10 months has been difficult.  But I have recovered. Shortly after […]