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Unexpected Luxuries (or why I didn’t get all my goals completed last year)

A year ago things like diamonds, private jets and fancy cars would have topped the list when I thought of luxury.  Taking incredible vacations and having endless funds and not ever having to work anymore would have also been considered.  Certainly, the act of setting and completing goals wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.  It’s funny how […]

Gratitude Gems: Small Holiday Traditions

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life! At this time of year, people take comfort in their own holiday traditions.  Certain foods are served, cookies baked, and gifts bought.  Some people sing carols, play board games, go to church, or watch specific Christmas movies.  Other […]

Furry, Long-Nosed Teachers

I’ve always been a dog person.  When I was little I used to crawl under the kitchen table and chairs just to be near our keeshond Dolly, who was way in the corner because she was trying to get away from me… she growled if I got too close so instead I would just lie […]

Gratitude Gems: So Many Reasons

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life! In contrast to last week, today I find myself feeling thankful for a great number of things. For example, we went camping this weekend and though it rained all day on Saturday, Sunday and today were lovely sunny days […]

Accident-al Reflections

Life can change instantaneously, and the ripples created can spread as far as the eye can see. One second I have a car and a dog, and the next I have neither.  That day was terrifying, excruciating, and life-changing, and recovery over the last 10 months has been difficult.  But I have recovered. Shortly after […]

‘Tis the Season for Memories

This time of year is funny in that it can both inspire incredible feelings of joy and generosity and faith, while at the same time evoking sadness.  We collect memories of Christmas like stamps or coins, and sometimes the memories are all we have left.  I fondly remember the years we enjoyed the holidays with […]

Squat Recap – 200 in a Day

One of my 31 Goals this year is to be able to complete 1,000 squats in a day.  By that, I mean to complete 1,000 squats over the course of an entire day, not necessarily consecutively. I decided to start the process by building up my squat strength with a challenge to complete 200 squats […]

The Unachievable Goal

On April 11, 2014, I got into a car accident at a highway intersection with our dog Jade in the back, and Jade did not survive.  A little over a week later and I finally feel as though I’m over the initial shock and I have regained control of my emotions, yet there are constant […]


We have a dog and her name is Jade. She’s a beautiful mutt who we think is mostly part Doberman, although she’s definitely bigger than your average Doby.  Still, she’s got the shape and the colouring of one, but she’s getting pretty grey around the edges these days.  She’s anxious and needy, but really smart and […]