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Habit Inertia

The easiest thing to do is keep status quo. Change is hard (duh). Doing anything different is a pain in the butt, and unless it’s forced or I’m particularly motivated, I inevitably choose the path of less resistance. I think that’s human nature. And I’ve been struggling with my nature for the last few weeks. […]

Habitual Updates – Round 1

You may recall from a couple months ago this post where I talked about adopting 11 new habits as part of my set of goals this year; I spoke about choosing to divide and conquer and the 3 habits I selected to try first are highlighted below: Blog 2 times weekly. Drink 8 glasses of […]

Let the Habit-ization Begin

I’m attempting to adopt the following 11 habits over the course of my 31st year: Blog 2 times weekly. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Eat dinner at the kitchen table every week night. Eat salad daily. Exercise for 45 minutes 3 times weekly. Floss daily. Go 1 day every week without TV. Go to […]