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Gratitude Gems: A Whole List of Things

Gratitude Gems: A Whole List of Things

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life! Here I’ve missed two Mondays in a row, and that’s just unacceptable.  It’s not that I haven’t been grateful, but I’ve just been too busy and/or lazy to make note of it here!  So in classic catch-up style, […]

A Legendary Read

A Legendary Read

I sure do love me a good Arthurian tale! As part of majoring in English, I took a class all about the Arthurian legend and books written on the subject.  It was one of my favourite classes.  Something about those times full of chivalry and adventure just sucked me in.  From The Once and Future […]

January Fitness Challenge: Listening to My Body

I cannot believe it’s February already!  It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated Christmas and started a new year!  And here I am, about two months away from my most challenging body moment ever, and I’m so excited! I knew going into January that, as far as fitness challenges went, I was unlikely to […]

Concerning Underwear…

Concerning Underwear…

I made myself a goal to update my underwear situation in my 32nd year.  I desperately needed new underthings, and it seemed like a fun and easy goal for myself to go buy some new things and celebrate looking and feeling good. Then a few things happened over the course of my year: I got a […]

Reading My Childhood

Some books just take you back.  Growing up in Alberta, there were a few made-in-Canada features that I treasured.  One was the TV show Road to Avonlea which revolved around a small turn-of-the-century farming town and featured a main character also named Sara, though I forgave her lack of an “h” and watched anyways.  I […]

The Cutest Dragon

My cross stitching focus over the last couple years has been on making things for others… there’s a special feeling associated with giving something handmade.  Since most projects I start end up taking a bit of time, there’s usually very little time left for completing cross stitches for myself so I wanted to make sure […]

Let’s Paint!

I am the crafty type – I enjoy using my imagination to make things and will never turn down an opportunity to be creative!  It’s why I’ve tried throwing pottery and making jewelry and cross stitching and card-making and scrapbooking and painting wood and ceramics.  It’s why I make my own Halloween costume almost every […]

Vacationing with My Mom

I had a hoot in Las Vegas with my Mom last week!  I couldn’t drink obviously, and because the Americans apparently don’t drink dark rum (go ahead, say that ten times fast), we couldn’t find any outside of the few bars we went into, so my Mom didn’t do much of that either; but that […]

November Fitness Challenge: A Pregnant Fish Out of Water

I was duped.  As far as this pregnancy thing goes, I was told that the first trimester is the worst in terms of symptoms, particularly feeling tired all the time.  And for a few weeks there I totally believed it.  Then I hit a wall of exhaustion that has caused me to question my ability […]

A Not-So-Sexy Read

Some books seem to capture the attention of millions of readers, and I hear about them constantly.  A few years ago one such book seemed to be everywhere at work, and now that I’ve read said book I cannot believe all of those women were reading that at work!  I was blushing reading it at […]