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The Insane Squat Experiment

I once had this goal to do 1,000 squats in one day.  I even did a squat challenge a couple times to work up to it slowly, and get my muscles in gear.  Then I got bored.  Squats are boring, guys.  Up and down and squeeze the butt and sit back on the heels and […]

Pumpin & Groovin to Goal Completion

Number 18 on my list of 31 Goals is to “register for another group fitness class.” By “another” I mean something other than the specific classes already mentioned on the list like running, yoga and swimming. When I set out my list of goals shortly after my 30th birthday with this goal included, I actually […]

Squat Recap – 200 in a Day

One of my 31 Goals this year is to be able to complete 1,000 squats in a day.  By that, I mean to complete 1,000 squats over the course of an entire day, not necessarily consecutively. I decided to start the process by building up my squat strength with a challenge to complete 200 squats […]

1,000 Squats/Day? Say What?

When I was first making up my list of 31 Goals, I initially made some goals that either weren’t focused enough on healthy living or I thought there might be a better goal I could strive for instead (my husband particularly didn’t like my idea of taking more couples photos for some reason).  So when […]