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November Fitness Challenge: A Pregnant Fish Out of Water

I was duped.  As far as this pregnancy thing goes, I was told that the first trimester is the worst in terms of symptoms, particularly feeling tired all the time.  And for a few weeks there I totally believed it.  Then I hit a wall of exhaustion that has caused me to question my ability […]

Enough Swimming For Now

I just had my final swimming lesson last weekend, and I’m glad to be done with them.  I wasn’t particularly enthused when I started, as you may recall, but as the class became better acquainted with each other, and I felt reassured that the born-to-swim instructor of ours wouldn’t make me do anything I wasn’t […]

October Fitness Challenge: Back in the Pool

I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact that I really just don’t know if I’m a water person.  And maybe that’s okay.   I’m back taking swimming lessons again, but this time they are much longer than a month.  I started at the end of September and I go until mid-November.  That’s a lot of […]

There Goes My Year

A year ago I finally took a chance and I started a blog!!  A blog, people, a blog!  I’m a blogger.  What?!?  This was one of the goals I made for myself on my 30th birthday – I love to write and I needed an outlet and I decided the whole world was just waiting […]

Black Fish, Blue Fish, Old Fish, New Fish

Once upon a time, specifically twice a week all last month, I (a New Fish, if you will) took some swimming lessons because I have a fear of water.  Things seemed to go pretty well.  I established some camaraderie with other water-fearing folk and had a little fun.  Then the month ended and I was […]

Swimming is… Fun?

Is swimming fun?  Yes… No! Maybe? I’m clearly torn. And my legs are worn out. Such is the life of an adult learning to swim, I guess. So I signed up for a swim class and I’m 30 years old. And I’m guessing I’m the youngest one in the class which is a huge shock […]

A Yellow Pansy in Deep Water

I can’t swim.  Sure, I can look like I’m swimming if I want to, but I have no doggie paddling skills to save my life and deep water is not something I go into without a life jacket, no matter how stupid they look (seriously, why can’t life jackets be fashionable and functional… but that’s […]